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“10 Reasons Why Lenders Lack Compliant

Third Party Oversight of AMC's”

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10 Reasons Why Lenders Lack Compliant

Third Party Oversight of AMC's *

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Tips on creating and managing a valuation compliance management system (CMS) that focuses on  4 Key Areas of proper AMC oversight

Get informed today on the latest AMC Third Party Oversight Requirements per CFPB; OCC; NCUA; FHFA; Fannie; Freddie; and the diverse individual state AMC laws

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Initial AMC Approval Due Diligence & SLA Contracting

Periodic & Annual AMC Review & SLA Renewals

Crucial Performance & Compliance Metrics for AMC's

Monthly/Quarterly AMC Performance & Compliance Reporting

" An institution is accountable for ensuring that any services performed by a third party, both affiliated and unaffiliated entities, comply with applicable laws and regulations...(and) have the internal controls for identifying, monitoring, and managing the risks associated with a third party arrangement for valuation services, including compliance, legal, reputational and operational risks "

-Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines

How important is proper oversight of AMC's for Lenders?

* One or more of these top 10 reasons are common to many mortgage lenders. Other critical issues may apply and are discussed in the report.